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7 Reasons Why No One’s Coming To Your Shows


1) You suck

Maybe you’re just not that good.  Sorry.  Most bands aren’t.  Most bands are starry eyed and spend more time bitching about the breaks they’re not getting than in the rehearsal space tightening their show.  Get good first.  Record your rehearsals AND your shows.  Do you LOVE listening to your live set?  If not, then why do you think other people will?

I’ve been in the room with bands who listen back to their shows recorded from the board and they actually hear how shitty they sounded.  How off key they sang.  How the bassist missed the bridge.  How the harmonies were off.  But they pass it off as a bad board mix.  This is sad.  Get your shit together.  Double your rehearsal schedule and double your at home practice time.

You do not deserve to be paid if you suck.  That’s what all these musicians who bitch about how little they are making at live shows miss.  Maybe they’re making nothing because they deserve to be paid nothing. Continue reading